Learning ArcGIS Runtime SDK for .NET by Ron Vincent

Free digital ebooks download Learning ArcGIS Runtime SDK for .NET

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  • Learning ArcGIS Runtime SDK for .NET
  • Ron Vincent
  • Page: 301
  • Format: pdf, ePub, mobi, fb2
  • ISBN: 9781785885457
  • Publisher: Packt Publishing, Limited

Learning ArcGIS Runtime SDK for .NET

Free digital ebooks download Learning ArcGIS Runtime SDK for .NET


Build fascinating native Geographic Information System (GIS) applications using this comprehensive, hands on, practical guide. About This Book The only comprehensive book that covers ArcGIS Runtime SDK in depth.A clear, well segregated book that has all the information that you would need on ArcGIS Runtime SDK. Name it, and you will have it in this book. Highly practical book that will allow you to build your own custom application by the end of the book. Written by Ron Vincent, who has 23 years of experience in the GIS industry and is experienced in GIS training. Learn the inner details of ArcGIS Runtime SDK from our experts. Who This Book Is For This book is for .NET developers who want to learn to build native Geographic Information System (GIS) application. What You Will Learn Understand and implement the MVVM pattern using MVVM Light Create and add layers from offline and online resources such as ArcGIS Online or ArcGIS for Server. Create a 2D or 3D map and decide what kind of symbology and how to symbolize the layers based on the geometry. Search and find objects in the layers. Geocode an address and create a route using an address Edit layer objects from online content and offline content Test the application using Test Driven Development and then build and release the application for the intended audience In Detail Because this book will focus on the .NET flavor of ArcGIS Runtime, this will provide for the opportunity of covering the primary features of the SDK. However, the first thing it will explain is where ArcGIS Runtime fits within the ArcGIS Ecosystem. How ArcGIS Desktop, ArcGIS Server and ArcGIS Online are utilized from the perspective of ArcGIS Runtime will be explain. Esris online help for ArcGIS Runtime provide samples for using the SDK, but it doesnt show users how to implement these features within the context of MVVM. MVVM provides great structure to any .NET app, but implementing with MVVM can be a challenge to the developer. This book wont skip this important aspect of writing a high quality app. Then, the book will describe the primary features of the SDK chapter-by-chapter using some sample non-MVVM code and then show how to do it using MVVM with MVVM Light. The book will also show how to write unit tests that allow the developer to write their apps that are 100% covered. Once the user completes the book, they will have all of the necessary knowledge and skills necessary to write a production level application.

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